Employment In The Middle East – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

With 50% of employees less than 29 years old, MENA region has the highest unemployment rate of 19% in world and 66% of employees feel that their salaries are lower than those paid by other firms in the same industry. Check out our infographic “Employment In The Middle East – Statistics and Trends ” to know more about the employment industry, career opportunities,  and hiring expectancy and job trends in Middle East.

Employment In The Middle East – Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- GO-Gulf.ae

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The MENA region saw the highest unemployment rate in the world – 19%.

About 3 in 5 across GCC countries consider their governments to be very favorable employers.

Employee Demographics By Age

18-29 50%
30-39 33%
40-49 12%
50+ 5%


Employee Demographics By Work Status

Full-time (30 or more hours) 73%
Part-time (8 to 29 hours) 6%
Part-time (less than 8 hours) 2%
Unemployed 19%


One in four professionals in the Middle East and North Africa claim they are new employees as they’ve worked there for less than a year.

26% of employees say they have been working for 1 to 2 years with the current employer.

Years Of Service In The Same Job

Less than 1 year 20%
1 year 10%
2 years 16%
3 years 12%
4-7 years 27%
8 years or more 15%


On average, most of the respondents have held 2 jobs over the last 5 years

Number Of Jobs Held In The Last 5 Years

1 27%
2 36%
3 22%
4 6%
5 3%
More than 5 3%


53% of professionals with jobs in MENA prefer a ‘100% fixed pay structure’.

Pay Structure Stats

100% fixed pay structure 53%
Mix of fixed and variable structures 40%
100% variable pay structure 7%


66% of MENA employees feel that their salaries are lower than those paid by other firms in the same industry.

Preferred Industries For Employment

Banking / Finance 35%
Construction 32%
Telecommunication 31%
Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals 28%
IT 25%
Consumer Goods 22%
Advertising 21%
Tourism/ Hospitality 20%
Electronics 20%
Business Consultancy 18%


Most Common Reasons For Switching Industries

Better salaries 39%
Better  career growth 35%
Lack of recognition 27%
Better job security 20%
Better work culture 18%
Better work-life balance maintenance 14%
Lower unemployment risks 14%
Flexible timings 12%


The UAE public sector enjoys twice as many holidays as the private sector

90% of the 225,000 Emiratis workforce are employed in the public sector.

Emiratis account for only 20,000 of the four million workers in the private sector

Current Hiring Expectancy by Country

Saudi Arabia 65%
Qatar 63%
Kuwait 60%
UAE 57%
Oman 56%
Jordan 52%
Egypt 52%
Lebanon 50%
Syria 46%
Bahrain 38%


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