Social Media Usage in Middle East – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

Check out our infographic “Social Media Usage in Middle East” for latest statistics and trends of social media growth in Middle East. 88% of the Middle East online population uses social networking sites daily. English and Arabic are the most commonly used languages on social media platforms used by 48% and 45% of social media users.

Social Media Usage in Middle East – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

Social Media Usage in Middle East - Statistics and Trends

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3.7% of the total worldwide internet users are from the Middle East

40.2 % of the total Middle East population has Internet access

88% of the Middle East’s online population uses social networking sites daily

Estimated number of Middle East Social Media users

Social Media Sites Number of Users (in millions)
Facebook 58
Twitter 6.5
LinkedIn 5.8


Most Commonly Used Languages

Language %age
English 48%
Arabic 45%

 Social Media User Demographics In The Middle East

Gender %age
Male 65%
Female 35%

Social Media Users By Age Distribution In The Middle East

Age group %age
16-17 9%
18-24 36%
25-34 32%
36-44 11%
44+ 12%

 The Most Popular Topics For Social Media Users In The Middle East

Topics %age
Music & Movies 67%
Community Issues 46%
Sports 43%
Politics 34%
Religion 14%

The Most Popular Social Networking Sites In The Middle East

Social Media Platform %age
Facebook 94%
Twitter 52%
Google+ 46%
Instagram 14%
LinkedIn 6%

One in four Arab Facebook users come from Egypt, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE make up 80% of users in the Gulf region.

LinkedIn outperforms Twitter across many Middle Eastern countries – most significantly, in the UAE where the business-focused network reaches more than 12% of the population (compared to around 3% for Twitter).

Percentage Of Social Media User Penetration In Middle East Countries By Social Network

Country Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
UAE 40.63 12.78 3.25
Kuwait 34.31 6.05 2.83
Jordan 34.14 2.86 0.92
Lebanon 32.71 4.35 1.81
Qatar 29.28 9.76 3.09
Bahrain 25.93 7.05 5.33
Saudi Arabia 19.18 2.47 2.89
Oman 16.62 4.07 0.34
Egypt 13.10 0.73 0.35


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