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Are Google AMPs Affecting the Web for Better or for Worse?

26 Jul 2018

What is Google AMP? Google has always valued site loading speed as well as mobile optimization and even prioritizes them among the deciding factors in its recent algorithms for Search Engine Result Page (SERP). With the number of mobile devices

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The Importance Of Employee Training – Statistics And Trends

10 Apr 2018

More and more companies now understand the importance of giving proper training to their employees. Companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margin as compared to companies who don’t. Not only giving proper employee training to your

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Multi Device Content Consumption – Statistics and Trends

04 Jul 2017

Did you know that 90% of all media interactions are screen based and more than 70% of digital users access internet across multiple devices. 84% of marketers surveyed feel that a comprehensive cross-device marketing strategy is essential for the success

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UAE’s Top 8 Trending Startups of 2016-2017

07 Nov 2016

The greatness of a business is not always determined by the sheer amount of funding it gets. The greatness of a business is but the idea makes it possible even if there is a downturn in funding. One of the

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Tips to Tailor your Blog Content for Local Search

13 Oct 2015

It has slowly become a fact that anyone without power or a stronger voice is not going to get even the slightest possible chance to be heard amongst the crowd. No doubt it is considerably hard to grasp attention globally,

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How To Market Your E-Business in UAE: Tips and Strategies

26 Aug 2015

Recently, we all are feeling a change in the business world, as now we see our young generation instead of going for employment they are intrigued towards the idea of establishing business. This is the result of e-business, where they

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Mobile Advertising in the Middle East – Statistics and Trends

03 Jul 2014

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) territories are growing commercial hotspots. Advertising, especially mobile advertising has increased enormously in this region in recent times. Here are some noteworthy points: • MENA online advertising is growing at a rate of

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