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Cash on Delivery in Middle East – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

November 8, 2017

Did you know that Cash on Delivery accounts for 76% of e-commerce orders and is the most preferred payment method (64%) of online shoppers  in the Middle East. Check out our infographic “Cash on Delivery in Middle East” for latest statistics and trends.

Cash on Delivery In Middle East - Statistics and Trends

Infographic by GO-Gulf Abu Dhabi Website Design

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Preferred payment methods of online shoppers in Middle East

Payment method types%age
Cash on Delivery64%
Credit Card46%
Debit Card11%
Direct Debit from Bank Account9%
Store Specific Gift Card3%
Digital Payment Systems ( Paypal, Alipay)1%

Cash on Delivery order return rates are higher 19% as compared to 8% return rate for Credit Card orders

Top Countries According to Cash on Delivery Popularity in Middle East


75% of UAE online shoppers prefer to pay cash/card on delivery, as compared to the 25% that opt to pay online

More than 80% of the transaction volume in MENA countries’ business-to-consumer (B2C) sites is paid at the time of delivery

44%  of online Arab Shoppers don’t trust online payments whereas 35% don’t have credit cards

51% of online Arab shoppers shopping decisions get influenced by Cash on delivery option

Payment method influence on Arab Shoppers%age
Cash on Delivery51%
Credit Card26%
Prepaid Cash Card8%
Debit Card6%
Net Banking5%
Credit Card Installment Plan3%

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