E-commerce in Middle East – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

December 4, 2019

Infographic by- GO-Gulf Web Design Dubai

Ecommerce in MENA expected to reach $28.5 billion by 2022

Estimated Retail E-commerce Sales in MENA

Year Retail E-commerce Sales (in Billions)
2016 $18.67
2017 $23.33
2018 $28.60
2019 $34.69
2020 $41.56
2021 $49.00


Online sales in the Middle East currently equal only a meager 2% of total retail revenue

E-commerce penetration as %age of total retail sales


Region E-commerce penetration as %age of Total Retail sales
MENA region 1.9%
GCC countries 3%
UAE 4.2%
Saudi Arabia 3.8%
Egypt 2.5%


48% of UAE and KSA consumers getting their shopping ideas and inspirations online

Almost 56% of consumers in the UAE, KSA and Egypt start their online shopping journeys using search engines as opposed to retailers’ websites

More than 60% of shoppers in the UAE and KSA and 43% in Egypt have completed an online transaction at least once

62% of MENA online shoppers prefer COD as a payment method when buying online


Top reasons why Middle East consumers prefer to shop online

Reason %age
Lower prices 40%
Product selection 31%
More convenient than buying instore 17%


Almost 90% of online purchases are shipped from abroad

Electronics, Fashion, Beauty and Grocery constitute 80% of MENA e-commerce

GCC shoppers spend USD$150 on average per shopping cart


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