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The word intranet is a combination of Intra + Net = a private internet surrounded to fend off unauthorized users, often referred as Corporate Portal. It is a seamless cost-effective method to boost the internal workflow of your enterprise.


Are you looking for a tool that lets your organization to communicate and collaborate between departments and projects efficiently substantially improving overall business productivity? Then it is exactly what you need: Intranet is a local restricted Internet, a combination of web and applications> based environment with the main goal of reducing costs by boosting the productivity of the internal workflow.


By uniting key functions and critical business documentations together in a single location, an intranet provides a paperless eco environment and lets your employees have the most up-to-date information at their fingerprints.

Intranet creates a secure and seamless environment that puts all of the strenuous tasks into one basket, allowing user to easily communicate with departments and colleagues through various departmental functions:

Department Administrative
  • Calendars
  • Meeting room booking
Department Corporate
  • Client / customer lists
  • Mission state lines
  • Branding guidelines
Department Marketing
  • Competitive intelligence database
  • Corporate brochures
  • Press releases
  • Marketing initiatives
Department Human Resources
  • Appraisal procedures and schedules
  • Employee policies
  • Expense and leave forms
  • Vacancies
Department Projects
  • Project timeline and details
  • Team contacts
  • Task management etc. in a matter of clicks
  • Information discovery
  • Smart search
  • Download and upload of useful documents


  1. Save money by streamlining processes & eliminating paper in the office
  2. Dramatically improve productivity and engagement through self-service tools
  3. Publish department specific or entire organization alerts and messages
  4. Share resources and knowledge throughout your organization from one single centralized location
  5. Publish company policies and goals. Everyone must understand it’s goal and work toward common goals, it's business 101
  6. Quick employee feedback through polls and surveys
  7. Manage employees through project management and task features
  8. Let departments and employees communicate easily through integrated mail and chat feature


SharePoint is a widely used platform for corporate portals, however it has its limits. One of the biggest weakness is its inability to customize specifically for your industry and business. Custom Intranet solutions like GO-Intranet allows a flexible expandable capability to pinpoint uniquely as per your organizational needs and an ability to truly reflect your corporate identity in its design.

GO-Intranet offers an easy to use CMS with rich text editor with web parts, restriction per page and users, department based customization and supports wide variety of browsers eliminating the need of downloading and installing. Some of the features that only GO-Intranet offers include: chat, videoconferencing, classifieds between employees, live support, HR request management, job management, and documents workflow.

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