Supply Chains in eCommerce and the coronavirus [infographic]

June 8, 2020

The coronavirus is affecting all industries and sectors. And the supply chains in eCommerce are no exceptions. To keep the business alive, the labor-intensive and labor-reliant supply chain needs to care for its workers. Decision makers have to protect the health of employees and support colleagues who are ill.

The biggest impact on supply chains is the situation in China. China has lost two months of manufacturing. However, the crisis in China is under control now, and the constraints on businesses are released slowly but the impact is still massive. The uncertainty of the situation caused by the coronavirus is leading to big changes. On one hand, consumer spending habits are changing and on the other hand, supply chains experience more and more disruption.

The COVID-19 outbreak affected eCommerce and its supply chains in three areas. Due to quarantines, companies have limited access to their employees. Then manufacturing slows down because of forced and precautionary factory closures. And a third effect is the limited access to logistics to transport goods.

New polls show that supply chain managers see supply chain disruptions in 75% of the companies today. 80% of the managers believe that their organization will experience some impact because of the coronavirus in the future.

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